Exploring the South Coast of NSW

So many places to visit and things to see along the Legendary South Coast of NSW. Our Reflections Holiday Parks are the perfect place to enjoy your waterfront stopover on the way. Use our trip planner to find out more about each area and plan the perfect road trip. The planner will give you the distance between locations and if you click the explore an area there are plenty of suggestions on things to do. Then just book the nearest park and off you go! We’d love to hear about your adventure.


Trip: Canberra to Eden
Distance: 364km
Total Driving Time: Approx 4hrs and 33mins
(Obvioulsy this four and a half hour travel time is not including the many hours of fun you will have at your Reflections Holiday Parks stays)

Here is what the trip looks like:




 Travel Time






3hr 6mins











There is so much to see and do at our nation’s Capital and it is the ideal gateway to the magnificent South Coast of NSW. Discover Canberra here and then come on a road trip with us.


All you need to plan your visit is right here.



Canberra to Bermagui - 82km



A destination that borders on perfection, at the northern Gateway to the Sapphire Coast.


Bermagui hugs the edges of it’s spectacular harbour and nestles under the shadow of Gulaga .This small and vibrant coastal town, offers boutique services and attractions. Bermagui is famous for its deep sea and game fishing – including yellow fin tuna and marlin – also estuary fishing in the surrounding rivers and lakes.


Experience everything water at pristine beaches and safe shallow waterways. Experience magnificent scenery and coastal bush walks in the nearby national parks and state forests. Don’t miss the renowned Blue Pool and Camel Rock, Wallaga Lake and quiet beaches. Discover the historic Montreal Goldfield.


Dining is a pleasure with the choice of the freshest Seafood, Italian, Asian, modern Australian, a la carte, bistro style pub and club meals, pizza and takeaway, cafes and waterside eateries and wine bar.


A year around calendar of festivals and events include the Four Winds Festival, Bermagui Seaside Fair, Sculpture on the Edge and the Bermagui Bike Show. The Sapphire Coast and Bermagui has an active community of local artists who exhibit through a network of studios and galleries throughout the year.


Reflections Holiday Parks Bermagui


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Bermagui to Tathra - 45km


Tathra is a twinkling gem amidst the beauty of Mimosa Rocks National Park to the north, and Bournda National Park to the south. It is a bird watchers paradise and home to many seabirds such as the endangered Little Tern and has an abundance of wildlife. This coastal town is rich in history and traditions of the sea. Tathra Wharf is the only remaining sea wharf on the East Coast and is still a centre of activity, its historic timbers standing proud and creating a focus for visitors.


A water wonderland for scuba divers and snorkelers with underwater terrain and unique sea life including fur seals and fairy Penguins. Dolphins abound and they can be seen off most beach areas in Tathra. The protected 3km beach is and is popular with body surfers, board riders SUP’s and sailboarders. and home to major events including the biennial George Bass Marathon and the Tathra Wharf to Waves ocean swim event. At the northern end is sheltered swimming at Mogareeka Inlet where the Bega River meets the sea. Stay with with Frank and Michelle at Tathra Beach Family Park.


Tathra Beach Family Park


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Tathra to Eden - 50.8km



Set in the very deep and magnificent Twofold Bay, Eden was home to shore-based whaling stations and still is still a working port. A morning stroll in the early morning to watch the boats return with the day’s catch is a delight. Chances are you will catch a glimpse of your dinner before it meets your plate!

Part of the rich history is Old Tom, the legendary killer whale and this story can be discovered at the Eden Killer Whale Museum.


Visit Ben Boyd national park and take time to see the Green Cape Light Station, marvel at the wilderness and beauty that surrounds it, hike all or part of the ‘Light to Light’ walk and muse on the area’s connection to Australia’s new saint, Mary MacKillop. Discover Wonboyn further south, tucked between Ben Boyd National Park and Nadgee Nature Reserve, where the lake empties into the stunning Disaster Bay.


Reflections Holiday Parks Eden


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